Avoid grade errors – #1: Enter a zero if student does not submit a graded activity

January 16, 2020

If a student does not submit a graded activity — whether it is a graded discussion, quiz, or online assignment — it is imperative that you enter a zero in their grade cell when grades are being given for the activity. Leaving a cell blank does not change the student’s overall earned point value but it does change the listed value of the course for that student — the net effect is that the student may get the impression that they are doing better than they really are. Another side effect is that the student does not get a notice saying a grade is posted and thus may assume they have no grade because you are simply behind on grading. It is better for a student to receive a timely notice of missed activities, which a grade of zero will provide. To avoid dealing with grade questions long after the assignment is due, be sure to give everyone a grade on every activity as soon as possible after the activity closes.

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