Canvas: Don’t leave blank grade cells

April 27, 2018

When getting final grades ready, make sure that every student receives a grade for every assignment, with the exception of extra credit work (which must have an assigned activity value of zero). A blank score is unclear: students don’t know if you forgot to enter a grade or if they missed a submission. Blanks drastically alter how a student’s total score is calculated. By default, each student’s Total score is calculated as the sum of points they earn divided by the maximum sum of point for what they submitted. If they didn’t submit something and didn’t receive a zero, then their course total will be too high. Example: if a student didn’t submit a 50 point assignment in a course worth 500 point, their total score would be 350/450. If you enter 0 for the missing assignment, then the student will receive the correct total of 350/500.

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