Canvas: Speedgrader tips

April 12, 2018

There are several useful, but often overlooked, tools in Speedgrader. In the top left, the bell icon lets you mute/unmute the grade column. It’s useful to mute a column while grading then reveal all student grades at once by unmuting. The keyboard icon displays shortcuts for common tasks. For example, pressing the C key moves the cursor to the Comments box and pressing the J key advances you to the next student. The gear icon provides different ways to sort submissions. By default, submissions are shown in order of student name but you can change this to ‘submission status’ so you don’t have to search for ungraded work amongst graded submissions. The name of the student whose work is currently showing displays in the upper left. The left and right arrows move you to the previous and next student. The tiny triangle before the right arrow expands the class list so you can see submission and grading status for each student and select any student to view.

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