Canvas Test Tips

April 25, 2019

Specify a start, end, and due date on every test – these create reminders for students and help with grade management. For automatically graded, recall-based tests, set the duration time based on one minute per question (check the Quiz Statistics of finished tests for average times). If a test allows only a single submission, do not provide the questions, answer options, or correct answer until after the exam window is over – this requires you to uncheck the default feedback labeled ‘Let Students See Their Quiz Responses’. For multiple attempt submissions, limit feedback during the exam window unless the test pulls questions from a pool at least three times greater than is used in the test. If you wish, mute the quiz grade column to restrict all feedback – including total score – during the exam window. You can change test settings after the exam is over to release more feedback, and don’t forget to unmute the grade column.

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