Christa Jackson and team awarded grant for mathematics learning research

October 16, 2018

Christa Jackson, associate professor in education, received $94,241 from the Iowa Department of Education on their algebra learning professional development study. The team is collaborating with Drake University, Heartland AEA, and the Des Moines Public Schools on the project, called ‘Effectively Supporting all Students to be Successful in Algebra’ or ES3A. They are focusing on increasing teachers’ algebraic content knowledge; teachers’ understanding and use of effective instructional practices, especially when teaching algebra content such as ratios, proportions, expressions, number systems, and functions to African American students and English Language Learners; and students’ mathematical achievement. In this project, the team will provide high quality professional development, classroom support, and a variety of resources to middle school teachers so they can effectively support all of their students to be successful in algebra

Contact Details:

Name: Christa Jackson
Phone: 515-294-4519
Department: in the School of Education