Enroll TA and Co-teachers

August 21, 2020

When the Instructor of Record enrolls a class list into a Canvas course, it creates a new Canvas enrollment Section containing the students and instructor from the Registrar list. TAs and Co-teachers already enrolled in the Canvas account cannot see the newly added students because they are not members of the newly create Section (not members of the Registrar list). To fix this, the instructor goes into the course > ISU AdminTools > Manage Additional People, and enrolls the TA / Co-teacher into “All Sections” (or into specific sections) after the Registrar class lists are added. Remember that the Sections created from Registrar lists will have names such as Section 1, Section 2B, and Section F. Depending on how the course was created, there may be a default Section with the same name as the course, e.g. EDUC 200, which does not contain students. For more tips, follow the MORE link to visit the ODL Tech Tips site.

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