Extra Credit

November 8, 2018

There are several ways to give extra credit in Canvas. Extra credit cannot be automatically awarded in quizzes, but the instructor can add a zero point question and manually grade students’ submissions to award the extra points, or the instructor can simply add ‘fudge points’ to each student’s quiz score without incorporating extra credit questions. The most common method of giving extra credit is to create an assignment worth zero points. A student’s extra credit score changes their earned grade but the activity itself doesn’t change the course value. If the instructor is using a rubric, the extra points can be added during grading. If you do not use weighted grading on the Assignments page, then the extra point activity can be in any group and will add directly to student’s total score. If you do use weighted grading, the activity must be included in a group that has a positive value and the extra credit points will be weighted by the group weighting.

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