Fifteen College of Human Sciences students named 2018 Student Sensations

May 2, 2018

The College of Human Sciences has announced the selected recipients of the 2018 Student Sensations honors. Brea Baumhover, Nyahon Both, Ken Echevarria, Anastasia Frazee, Bailey Godwin, Lauren Grant, Sela Hanson, Jennifer Junker, Alanis Morales-Cuadrado, Alec Nichols, Grace Rosson, Adrienne Rule, Katie Stearney, Sia Turner, and Kaitlyn Varner will be honored at a ceremony in spring 2019. Honorees were nominated by faculty, staff, and fellow students for their individual contributions to academic departments, student life, and their communities. In recognition of this award, Student Sensations posters will be displayed throughout the college’s buildings for the following year.

Contact Details:

Name: Linda Lind
Phone: 515-294-2657
Department: in the School of Education