Hide Total and Subtotal Scores in Canvas Grades

January 24, 2018

Every group on the Assignment index generates a subtotal column in Grades. Subtotals are reported as a percentage, based on the earned scores the student has received in the Assignment group activities. If you leave a grade cell blank for a missed activity, the student’s subtotal grade will display as higher than it ought to be because the blank is not consider in the score calculations. Therefore, always enter a grade for every student. To excuse a student, type EX in the grade cell but understand that this reduces the total course point value for that student. Subtotal and total columns are visible to students by default. To hide these, go to Settings > Course Details > More Options, and check the ‘Hide Totals in student grades summary’ box. The subtotal spaces will still display in student view but will contain no scores. Hiding totals is a good option if your course grade requires any manipulations at all or if you don’t enter zeros for missed work/attendance.

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