Private Journal Workaround

October 16, 2018

Canvas does not have a true Journal tool, but you can use Groups and Discussions to create a workaround. First, click Settings (on Course Menu), click the Section tab on top, and make a note of how many students are listed in the far right menu. Next, click People (on Course Menu) then click the red +Group Set button. Call your group set something like ‘Private Journal (HDFS 110).’ Under Group Structure, create as many groups as there are students in your course. Each student in now placed in a group. Expand each group to see who is in it, click the 3 dots on far right and rename the group with the student’s name included. Now you can create a Discussion activity, indicate it is a group discussion for the ‘Private Journal’ group set, and set up a question that each student should respond to in their personal group’s discussion board.

Contact Details:

Name: Karla Embleton
Phone: 294-9198
Department: in administration