Process for incompletes

December 5, 2019

ISU policy allows an Instructor to assign a student a temporary course grade of Incomplete (I), if special circumstances beyond the student’s control prevent course completion. An instructor is not obligated to do so. The ‘I’ remains on the student’s transcript and is accompanied by either an F or an instructor submitted grade. The student must be passing the course at the time of the request. Instructor and student complete and sign an official Incomplete Contract, available at > For Departments > Incomplete Contract. On the form, explicitly state what the student must do to complete the course and how long the student has to do so. Submitted work is graded by the normal standards. The maximum allowable contract length is 12 months – there is no minimum. If the student requires Canvas access, a new course account must be set up for this purpose. Depending on the original course’s settings, the student may not be able to access it.

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