Processing an Incomplete in Canvas

December 17, 2018

To give a student an Incomplete, the student and instructor complete a contract (see More) specifying work the student must complete and a time frame for completion. The student must have a grade of D- or better when the contract is made. To extend access to the Canvas account, the instructor must go into the course > ISU AdminTools > Manage Incomplete Students > enter the student’s NetID and new end date. This creates a new enrollment section in the course containing the student. Now, go to any assignments the student has not yet completed and add a new ‘Assign to’ rule for the student (either by name or by section) with the new end date. Do not remove any existing ‘Assign to’ rules,just add new ones! The final grade for the student is first submitted as an ‘I’ at the end of the regular semester. When the student has finished their contracted work, the instructor works directly with the Office of the Registrar to submit a final earned grade.

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