Gabriel Rodriguez’s article on challenges Latino students face in ‘good’ suburban schools published by The Conversation

March 23, 2021

Gabriel Rodriguez, an assistant professor in the School of Education, wrote an article addressing challenges Latino students face in suburban schools that was published by The Conversation on March 22. Rodriguez identified the increase of diversity in suburban public schools and shared his research findings drawn from listening to students. He highlighted barriers Latino students attending “good” public suburban schools face, including opportunity gaps, pressure to assimilate, being silenced by whiteness, and instances when they have been treated differently than their white peers. Rodriguez encourages teachers and policymakers to listen carefully to Latino students to help inform better practices that build on their cultural and linguistic assets and reduce educational disparities. Writing articles for The Conversation raises a faculty member’s profile and helps ensure their findings reach policymakers and the public at large.

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Contact Details:

Name: Gabriel Rodriguez
Phone: 515-294-5361
Department: School of Education