Get ahead with online Winter Session courses


Winter session is the perfect time to get ahead or catch up on your academic plan! With courses in health, nutrition, fashion, finance, tourism, education and human sexuality, many of our winter session courses meet various academic requirements.

Information about Iowa State’s winter session can be found here. And, all courses are fully online!

  • A M D 165 – Dress, Appearance, and Diversity in Society

Analyze foundational concepts and theories related to dress, identity, fashion, and culture and how they intersect with sex, gender, sexuality, beauty, attractiveness, disability, religion, race, and ethnicity with heightened attention to marginalized communities in the United States. Analyze the experiences and the role of fashion, clothing, dress, and/or accessories for identity development. Critique the social justice issues within the fashion system and identify the driving forces of transformative social justice change in the fashion system. Deconstruct one’s personal values and positionalities in relation to fashion, clothing, dress, and/or accessories.
Meets U.S. Diversity Requirement

A M D 362 – Cultural Perspectives of Global Dress

Analysis of multiple factors related to dress in selected societies, including technology, cultural identity, aesthetics, social organization, ritual, stability and change. Applications to fair trade and social responsibility.
Meets International Perspectives Requirement.

  • FS HN 167 – Introductory Human Nutrition and Health

Understanding and implementing present day knowledge of nutrition. The role of nutrition in the health and well-being of the individual and family. High school biology or 3 credits of biology recommended.

  • FS HN 365 – Obesity and Health

Multifactorial aspects of obesity, maintenance of healthy weight, and the relationship of weight status and chronic disease prevention. Traditional and novel nutrition and exercise theories as well as current popular diet and exercise trends will be discussed.

  • FS HN 367 – Medical Terminology for Health Professionals (1 credit)

An independent course focused on medical terminology, abbreviations, and simple clinical mathematical calculations

  • H S 167X. The Science of Health Behavior Change.

(3-0) Cr. 3. SS. A theory- and evidence-based approach to the understanding of health behavior change. Practical approaches to promote introspection, increase self-awareness, motivation, confidence, and alignment between lifestyle and personal values. Meets U. S. Diversity Requirement

  • HD FS 240 – Literature for Children

Evaluation of literature for children, including an emphasis on diversity and inclusion; cultural competence. Roles of literature in the overall development of children. Literature selection and use in the home and educational settings.

  • HD FS 276 – Human Sexuality

Behavioral, biological, and psychological aspects of human sexuality within the social context of family, culture, and society. Role of sexuality in human development. Critical analysis of media and research. Communication and decision-making skills relating to sexuality issues and relationships.
Meets U.S. Diversity Requirement

  • HD FS 283 – Personal and Family Finance

Introduction to basic principles of personal and family finance. Budgeting, record keeping, checking and savings accounts, consumer credit, insurance, investments, and taxes.
Meets U.S. Diversity Requirement

  • HSP M 260 – Global Tourism Management

Overview of the global tourism industry: hospitality and related services, destination/ attractions, tourist behaviors, and destination marketing. Introduction to destination mix, socio-economic and cultural impacts of tourism, destination organizations, tourist motivations, destination image, marketing, promotions, tourism distribution system, and the future of tourism.
Meets International Perspectives Requirement.