Federal Regulations require all educator preparation programs to inform candidates how their preparation programs meet requirements for a teaching license in other states.

We have compiled a RECIPROCITY SPREADSHEET that shows how our program meets initial license requirements in each state.

As the spreadsheet shows, our teacher preparation program meets the requirements for an initial license directly in 48 states. This means, that once you complete the ISU program and earn an Iowa license, you can obtain an initial license in any of the 48 states without additional requirements. Two states, New Jersey and New York, have additional requirements that must be met (described below) to obtain the initial license.

Like Iowa, all states have certain requirements must be met to advance from an initial probationary (usually two year) license to a standard license. These requirements are shown for each state in column D of the spreadsheet.

The additional initial license requirements for New Jersey and New York can be completed at any time while attending ISU or after graduation.

New Jersey additional requirements for an initial license:

Requires content testing to get an initial license (unless you have two years of experience).

New York additional requirements for an initial license:

Requires content testing and workshop completion to get an initial license.


If you have additional questions regarding licensure in NJ or NY, or any state, please contact Teresa Kahler (takahler@iastate.edu), Educator Preparation Programs Licensure Officer.