Iowa State University Teacher Education Career Fair connects students and alumni with over 70 key employers

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By Carlyn Ward

2019 Teacher Education Career Fair attendees network with employers for future career opportunities in the education field

For education students who want to get ahead, Iowa State University’s Teacher Education Career Fair provides a great chance to do so.

The annual fair gives students the opportunity to network, connect with potential employers, and enhance their professional communication skills.

The fair will take place from 1-4 p.m. on March 2, at the Iowa State Alumni Center. Any college student looking for teaching opportunities, or ISU Educator Preparation Program alumnus may attend, as well as the general public. Preregistration is not necessary.

With the fair soon approaching, students have various options to make sure they are prepared for the opportunity.

“Take advantage of CyHire and spend quality time researching desired employers [at the fair] and the positions they have available,” said Jaime Boeckman, director of teacher education services.

At the fair, students can interact with representatives from over 70 school districts and other employing organizations, such as the Ankeny Community School District and Drake University Head Start.

“[At the fair, students] are able to learn about preferred qualifications, experiences that will set applicants apart, high-need endorsement areas, and make connections for future field experience opportunities,” Boeckman said.

Career Services and Teacher Education Services staff members will act as resources, providing guiding and answering questions from students.

“We know it might not be something they’ve done or are comfortable with – and that’s okay,” said Tammy Stegman, career services director. “If anything, this is a chance for students to practice networking.

Students come away from the fair feeling more prepared for their futures.

“There is no better way to set yourself apart than by giving yourself the opportunity to meet face-to-face with a potential employer,” Stegman said.

Key contacts

Jaime Boeckman, director of teacher education services, 515-294-7559,
Tammy Stegman, career services director, 515-294-3708,

By Carlyn Ward