New book by Katy Swalwell features contributions of Iowa athletes

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By Breanna Bruening

Katy Swalwell associate professor in the School of Education has recently published a new book on the impact of Iowan athletes through history

Katy Swalwell, associate professor in the School of Education, has published her new book, “Amazing Iowa Athletes“, a compilation of stories on Iowan athletes who made a big impact despite obstacles and oppression. With the state of Iowa requiring that Iowa history be taught at every grade level, Swalwell created this book with educators in mind. She says the book provides material to “teach Iowa history in a responsible, ethical and accurate way.”

More than 100 athletes are featured in the book, including basketball player Denise Long, figure skater Timothy LeDuc, and volleyball player Haley Eckerman.

“These are intensely, local personal stories mixed with really big global connections,” Swalwell said. “In researching these books, I always learn how the world would not be what it is, without people from Iowa. It is really fun to see this impact.”

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By Breanna Bruening