Reason to be next editor of the Journal of College Student Development 

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AMES, Iowa – Iowa State University School of Education Professor and College of Human Sciences Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs, Robert Reason, has been named the next editor of the Journal of College Student Development (JCSD). 

“The editor of JCSD has the opportunity to encourage new and emerging authors as they hone their scholarly voice, publishing manuscripts in a top-tier journal as they earn tenure or contribute to the knowledge base of our profession,” said Reason. 

JCSD is a publication by ACPA-College Student Educators International (ACPA), an organization Reason has been involved in during his career. He has served as a JSCD editorial board member, associated editor and governing board member. 

“I believe the experiences throughout my career have prepared me to find this balance, maintaining the high-quality scholarship of our journal while actively supporting scholars through this process,” said Reason. “I am also looking forward to exploring new forms of scholarship and how they can be incorporated into the journal.” 

Reason will begin his appointment as editor in August and succeeds Indiana University’s, Vasti Torres.