Megan Meyn

Megan Meyn plans to be an upper-elementary or middle school math teacher in the future. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys hanging out with friends and family, going on weekend road trips, and spending time outside.

Get to know Megan

  • Major: Elementary education
  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Ames, Iowa (Story County)
  • Career goal: Upper elementary or middle school math teacher
  • Clubs/activities: Equipping Math Teachers
  • Awards/honors: Dean’s list fall 2017 – present
  • Favorite place on campus: Lagomarcino Hall
  • Most influential ISU mentor: Heather Kruger
  • Favorite class: MATH 195, Mathematics for Elementary Education I
  • Why Iowa State: Family is close, great campus and elementary education program

Megan Meyn aspires to create enjoyable learning environments for math students as a future teacher

When Megan Meyn was in fifth grade, she was paired with a kindergarten student to be their buddy. Being a mentor to a younger student made her realize that her calling was in the classroom.

“I think that [teachers] have such a big impact on kids that can make or break a student’s experience with school,” Megan said. “I just want to be a person that helps them enjoy it.”

Megan’s goal after graduation is to become a math teacher. She said that serving as secretary for Equipping Math Teachers, a student affiliate group at Iowa State University, makes her even more excited about her future in education. Watching the students grasp a mathematical concept is something Megan loves about the prospect of teaching it in the future.

“[Math has] always just clicked for me. I know that a lot of students don’t like math and have prejudices against it, so I just want to be able to step in and create an environment for them to enjoy math,” Megan said. 

Megan has already completed practicum experiences in sixth and seventh grade math classrooms at Ames Middle School, and a first grade classroom at Kate Mitchell Elementary School in Ames. She has also worked for Ames Community Preschool Center, an after-school program for elementary schools across Ames.

Megan will complete her next practicum in a kindergarten classroom at Northeast Elementary School in Ankeny, Iowa. She is excited to practice teaching in a younger classroom again.

In the future, Megan wants to teach upper-level elementary school or middle school students.

“I think sixth and seventh grade is a sweet spot. They’re still kids at heart. They’re very energetic, but they’re becoming a little bit more independent,” she said. 

At the end of the day, Megan’s true passions are working with kids’ fun personalities while watching them learn. 

“It’s cool to see that light bulb happen when they learn a concept. You can see that light bulb click in their head and they get really excited about it, and excited about learning,” she said.

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