Phoebe Chong

After graduation, Phoebe plans to teach full-time as a middle school math teacher. In her free time, Phoebe enjoys spending time with her friends and family and playing Valorant.

Get to know Phoebe

  • Major/minor: Elementary education, journalism and mass communications
  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Career goal: Become an elementary/middle school math teacher
  • Clubs/activities: CHS Ambassador, CHS Student Council Public Outreach Officer, Ames Student Association for Malaysians Vice President
  • Awards/honors: International Transfer Merit Scholarship, Deborah Zack Schultz Scholarship
  • Favorite place on campus: Hasn’t been on campus yet, will arrive in the fall
  • Most influential ISU mentor: Becky Koenen
  • Favorite class: Math 195, Math for Elementary Education 1
  • Why Iowa State: Easy admission process and helpful academic advisor

Phoebe Chong virtually follows in her passion for teaching through the elementary education program

Living internationally, Phoebe Chong has been taking classes virtually through Iowa State University. Her first time on campus will be this fall, but to help with her virtual experience, she has been able to meet with her “very welcoming” academic advisor and learn through the elementary education program offered. 

“The education system itself is totally different [in America]. It’s not 100% taking exams. So every single assignment that I do and hand in, it means something,” Phoebe said. “My professors were all really helpful and they were understanding with my time difference. And, they knew I didn’t have an American background, so they helped me along the way with understanding the basics.” 

Phoebe has a keen interest in math and eventually hopes to teach it to middle school students in the United States. She always knew she wanted to work with children in the future, but growing up she was told she would not be successful, which affirmed her decision more in pursuing elementary education. 

“I always knew I wanted to teach kids. I want to get a degree in education and show that it is not a useless major and that you are impacting the next generation,” Phoebe said.

One thing that she likes about Iowa State University is learning about the diversity topics taught in the classroom. Living in Malaysia, she hasn’t been taught about diversity. Whereas in elementary education, she enjoys learning how diversity happens in the class and how to implement working with diversity.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, Phoebe plans to teach full-time in the United States. Her hopes are to teach math to middle schoolers and help them understand the importance of learning.

“I am determined to find ways in making learning fun for each student, and I want them to know that we learn because we want to and not because we are forced to,” Phoebe said. “Choosing elementary education was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I would not change it for anything else.”

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