Shelby Dumont

Get to know Shelby

  • Major: Early childhood education
  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Iowa City, Iowa
  • Career goal: K-2 teacher
  • Clubs/activities: Iowa State Dance Team, Kappa Kappa Gamma
  • Awards/honors: Dean’s List, Cardinal leadership scholar
  • Favorite place on campus: Center for Technology in Learning and Teaching, Lagomarcino Hall cafe
  • Most influential ISU mentors: Anne Estapa, Brooke Orrell
  • Favorite class: Strategies in Teaching, CI 245
  • Why Iowa State: Beautiful campus, perfect distance from home, dance team

Shelby Dumont prospers after following career passion

Entering Iowa State University as a child, adult, and family services major her freshman year, it took Shelby less than a semester to realize this program wasn’t the correct path for her.

“I was sitting in a class my freshman year learning about the different career paths that came with my original major,” she said. “I realized in that moment that none of them interested me, and I wanted to be a teacher.”

Before coming to Iowa State, Shelby knew she wanted to work with kids in some sort of way but said she had no clue what she wanted to do specifically.

“I think I was in denial that I wanted to be a teacher because of all the negative connotations that comes along with it,” Shelby said.

After speaking with her adviser and to an older member on her dance team who was in the early childhood education program, all of Shelby’s worries disappeared and she was prepared to make the switch.

“I was in CI 245 (Strategies in Teaching), and thought, yup, this is it,” she said. “I thrived. I love writing lesson plans.”

Looking back on freshman year when she made the switch, Shelby reflects on the changes in herself and college experience overall.

“I definitely wouldn’t be as successful in school as I am now,” she said. “I am passionate about what I’m learning, and I have a drive to actually do my homework. My grades have also gotten a lot better.”

Shelby said since getting into the practicum portion of the program, she now feels more powerful and confident in herself and her college path in general.

“Now I know I will come out of college satisfied, excited for the future, and knowing everything I did will benefit me in the long run,” she said.

Shelby hopes her story will encourage students to follow their heart so they can be as successful as possible in the future.

“Do what you’re passionate about,” Shelby said. “You’ll be more successful, and you’ll come out with a degree you’re proud and happy about.”

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