Financing a Graduate Degree

Financing a graduate degree is a crucial part of attaining an advanced degree. Iowa State and the Graduate College are aware of this need and provide services to assist with your financial planning. Please visit with the Graduate College for further resources

Graduate Assistantships

Approximately 80% of all Ph.D. students across the Iowa State campus receive an assistantship appointment, including teaching assistantships and research assistantships. Graduate students have specific requirements that must be met in order to be considered for assistantship. Those who are on assistantship receive a monthly stipend, tuition and fee reduction, along with other benefits.

A graduate assistantship (GA) is a form of student aid that combines training with income (Graduate College handbook 3.2). There are three types of assistantships:

  1. Administrative
  2. Teaching
  3. Research

Graduate assistantships for students in the School of Education graduate programs are not guaranteed. Consult your program area or advisor for details. Student affairs master’s students use a program-specific process for their assistantships. Information about assistantships is provided through the program admission process and by the program once students have completed their first year.

School of Education Scholarships

School of Education scholarships are awarded twice each year for returning, established graduate students for the following semester and/or academic year. The School of Education graduate program also has scholarship funds from the College of Human Sciences to award students at these two points in the academic year at their discretion. Watch this space for information about our 2020-21 scholarship opportunities, including how to apply. 

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