Procedural Measures

On this page, we provide a brief summary of the procedural measures and a link to one of the forms. See the information at the bottom of the page to access professional development needed to use the full set of 12 forms of each type of measure.

Algebra Basic Skills – The ABS measure has 52 items that reflect five skills in initial algebra learning (solving simple equations, applying the distributive property, computing with integers, combining like terms, and applying proportional reasoning). The skills assessed with this measure function as skills for which one would expect a reasonable level of automaticity from a student competent in introductory algebra. Students have five minutes to complete as many items as possible.

ABS Form 1

Algebra Foundations – The AF measure has 42 items that represented five foundational areas in introductory algebra (writing and evaluating expressions and variables; calculating with real numbers; graphing expressions and linear equations; solving simple equations and simplifying expressions; and generalizing and extending patterns and functions). Students have five minutes to complete as many items as possible.

AF Form 1

Algebra Content Analysis – The ACA measure has 16 items that represented key concepts and skills from the first two-thirds of a traditional Algebra I course. Fourteen core concepts were included, such as evaluating expressions, calculating the slope of a line, and solving systems of linear equations. Students have seven minutes to complete as many items as possible.

ACA Form 1

To access the procedural measures:

Access to the procedural measures is available in conjunction with professional development on the administration, scoring, and data interpretation. Visit the Algebra Assessment & Instruction website to learn about options for face-to-face training. We expect to have the online professional development and data management system available in early 2018.  More information can be found on the Professional Development Algebra Progress Monitoring (PDAPM) website

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