General Education

All prospective teachers are required to meet general education requirements as a part of their preparation.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students must complete studies in the following general education groups. General education courses may be found in many departments. Credits listed are minimum requirements. Specific departments and/or colleges may require additional credits. Credits used to satisfy these general education requirements typically satisfy department and college general education requirements:

  • Natural sciences: 6 credits
  • Mathematics or statistics: 3 credits
  • Social Sciences: 9 credits
  • Humanities: 6 credits
  • Communication skills: 9 credits
  • Library skills (Lib 160): 1 credit
    • Total: 34

The above requirements must include:

  • Eng 150 and 250 or equivalent
  • One course that develops interpersonal or group presentation skills
  • HD FS 102 or Psych 230
  • One course in American history or government

Post-Baccalaureate Students

Students holding an appropriate bachelor’s degree who wish to pursue teacher licensure must have at least one course in each of the following five general education groups identified for undergraduate students in the preceding section:

  • Natural sciences
  • Mathematics or statistics
  • Social sciences
  • Humanities
  • Communication skills

Individual departments preparing teachers may require additional credits in general education.

Masters Students

Each masters program determines what, if any, general education requirements masters students must fulfill beyond a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution.

Professional Teacher Education

All prospective teachers are required to meet professional teacher education requirements as a part of their preparation.

Clinical Experience Requirements

All students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 80 hours of pre-student teaching clinical experience. This requirement may be met through a pre-student teaching course (for example, EDUC 280, EDUC 480, EDUC 581) or, in certain endorsement areas, a course designated to provide an equivalent experience. Students complete a background check before initial placement in schools and other appropriate locations.

Visit the course catalog for more specifics on undergraduate and master’s curriculum requirements.

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