Mathematics Education, M.A.T.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or closely related field and want to teach math to students in grades 5-12, our Master of Arts in Teaching degree in Mathematics Education with a recommendation for mathematics licensure is just for you. In this program, you can become a licensed teacher in 12 months, as well as obtain a master’s degree, through our accelerated program. If you already hold a teaching endorsement/certification, you are not eligible for the MAT program. If you already hold teacher certification, please explore our M.Ed./M.S. programs instead of the MAT Program.

Mathematics Content Requirements

The State of Iowa requires the following mathematics requirements to grant a license for grades 5-12 mathematics teachers. 

Completion of 24 semester hours in mathematics to include a linear algebra or an abstract (modern) algebra course, a geometry course, a two-course sequence in calculus, a computer programming course, a probability and statistics course, and coursework in discrete mathematics. 

The following ISU courses are counted for the state-required prerequisite content courses. If you have taken different courses, contact us to see if they can be considered as equivalent courses. 

  • 2-course sequence in calculus
    • MATH 165 & MATH 166
  • 1 course in abstract or linear algebra
    • MATH 317 or MATH 301
  • 1 course in post-calculus geometry
    • MATH 435
  • 1 course in probability or statistics
    • STAT 201
  • 1 course in computer programming
    • COM S 107 or COM S 127 or COM S 207 or COM S 227  
  • Coursework in discrete mathematics
    • MATH 341 &/or MATH 397

Our program is designed for those candidates whose undergraduate degree included a good number of the courses above (math-related major is not required but recommended). You must have at least a total 24 credit hours in mathematics courses with a minimum grade of C- in each.

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