The TSLP program meets the requirements for Iowa Administrative Code requires that future leaders complete 400 hours of field experiences in order to earn administrative licensure. You will complete these hours via your SIP, in coursework, and in working with your mentors. All courses are three credits and two courses will be taken every semester.

Semester 1 – Fall I

  • Ed Adm 541: Principles of Inclusive Educational Leadership
  • Ed Adm 554: Leading School Reform

Semester 2 – Spring I

  • Ed Adm 556: Leading for Equitable Learning in School Systems
  • Ed Adm 558: Diverse Learning Needs

Semester 3 – Summer I

  • EDADM 543: Leadership and Evaluation for Equitable Outcomes
  • Ed Adm 552: Contemporary Issues in Principal Leadership

Semester 4 – Fall II

  • Ed Adm 559: Curriculum Leadership
  • Ed Adm 551: Supervision for  Learning Environments

Semester 5 – Spring II

  • Ed Adm 575: Human Resource Development for Learning
  • Ed Adm 557: Education Law and Ethics

To read the full course descriptions, visit the Iowa State University course catalog or download the full course sequence and descriptions for the TSLP program here