The Postsecondary Teaching graduate certificate is a 12-credit certificate.  All students seeking the certificate are required to take HGED 5610, College Teaching, which reviews educational theories, methods, and strategies for the improvement of college instruction. The additional 9-credits may be taken from a list of approved courses.

List of approved courses

Minimum of 3 credits of a teaching methodology course. Options include:

  • AGEDS 5200, Instructional Methods for Adult and Higher Education in Ag Ed
  • EDUC 5330, Learning Theories
  • CHEM 5550, Teaching College Chemistry
  • ENGL 5000, Teaching Multimodal Composition
  • PSYCH 6330, Teaching of Psychology
  • V PTH 5300, Teaching and Learning in Veterinary Medical Education
  • Other teaching methodology course approved by GCPE administrator

Minimum of 3 credits of an approved teaching practicum

  • GRST 5870: PFF Teaching Practicum supervised by PFF staff and departmental faculty mentor (requires admission to the PFF program)
  • Other post-secondary teaching practicum offered at ISU (i.e., XXXX 590).

Minimum of 3 credits of an elective course

  • GRST 5850: Preparing Future Faculty Introductory Seminar
  • GRST 5860: Preparing Future Faculty Intermediate Seminar
  • GRST 5880: Preparing Future Faculty Special Topics

Other courses not on this list but with a focus on post-secondary learning and teaching will be considered by the director of certificate for approval on the program of study. 

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