The Postsecondary Teaching graduate certificate is a 12-credit certificate.  All students seeking the certificate are required to take HG ED 561, College Teaching, which reviews educational theories, methods, and strategies for the improvement of college instruction. The additional 9-credits may be taken from a list of approved courses.

List of approved courses

Minimum of 3 credits of a teaching methodology course. Options include:

  • AGEDS 520, Instructional Methods for Adult and Higher Education in Ag Ed
  • EDUC 533, Learning Theories
  • Chemistry 555, Teaching College Chemistry
  • English 500, Teaching Multimodal Composition
  • Psychology 633, Teaching of Psychology
  • V PTH 530, Teaching and Learning in Veterinary Medical Education
  • Other teaching methodology course approved by GCPE administrator

Minimum of 3 credits of an approved teaching practicum

  • Gr St 587: PFF Teaching Practicum supervised by PFF staff and departmental faculty mentor (requires admission to the PFF program)
  • Other post-secondary teaching practicum offered at ISU (i.e., XXXX 590).

Minimum of 3 credits of an elective course

  • Gr St 585: Preparing Future Faculty Introductory Seminar
  • Gr St 586: Preparing Future Faculty Intermediate Seminar
  • Gr St 588: Preparing Future Faculty Special Topics

Other courses not on this list but with a focus on post-secondary learning and teaching will be considered by the director of certificate for approval on the program of study. 

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