The M.S. in Education is a 30-credit degree is designed to support the development of a background in educational research. Graduates with a M.S. often continue on to Ph.D. programs, either at Iowa State or another university.

Students Beginning in Fall 2018 or Later Are Required to Take:

  1. ResEv 550: Introduction to Educational Research
  2. One additional research course (as determined appropriate by POSC)
  3. One of the following:
    • EDUC 533: Theories of Learning
    • EDUC 536X: Sociocultural Learning Theory
    • EDUC 612: Socio-psychological Foundations of Educational Technology
  4. One course in social and cultural studies/social justice certificate

Students must also take 3 credits of thesis (Graduate College requirement).

Course descriptions can be accessed via the Iowa State course catalog

The 15 credits of coursework that are in addition to the 12 credits of coursework in the division-level core and the 3 credits of thesis required by the Graduate College are determined by any area (e.g. language, literacy, and learning) or emphasis (e.g. special education) specific requirements and in consultation with the students’ Program of Study Committee.

  1. EDUC 533, EDUC 536X, and EDUC 612 all meet the core requirement for a course in theories of learning. The POSC will determine which course a student must take to meet the requirement.
  2. Any SCS or SJ certificate course may fulfill the one course requirement for SCS/SJC. The POSC will determine if there is a specific course the student must take to meet the requirement.
  3. Students may transfer in courses that substitute for the division-level M.S. course requirements if the POSC determines that the student has already taken an equivalent graduate course at another institution or ISU. ISU/SOE policy allows up to 9 credits to be transferred to a master’s degree program. No more than 6 of those credits may be 8-10 years old. At least 22 credits must be earned at ISU.

Note: If you were admitted to start prior to fall 2018, please see the previous M.S. requirements.