The application deadlines for this program are: May 15 Priority Deadline and June 15 Final Deadline for consideration.

  1. Complete the online graduate application. Requirement: Candidates must have a valid Teaching License>
  2. Program Acceptance Requirement: Candidates must have a valid Teaching License
    • Note 1: If you have not previously been admitted to the Graduate College at Iowa State University (or if you have been admitted as a ‘non-degree seeking student’ as opposed to a certificate or degree-seeking program), you must complete the online graduate application through the Iowa State Admissions office. Please disregard any application acceptance dates that may be listed on the Iowa State University-wide admissions site and continue with your application as prompted through their website.
    • Note 2: if you have previously been admitted to the Graduate College at Iowa State University, do not complete an online graduate application. Instead, please fill out Section I of the “Request to transfer from one major/program/department to another” form and submit this form, along with all of the below required application materials, directly to the graduate support specialist.
    • Note 3: You will not use the online graduate application process for your letters of reference. Instead, we request that you use the TSLP candidate support forms instead. You may still list your references on the online graduate application, but do not select “use online process.”  
  3. Candidate support forms are required from the following individuals, who must have direct knowledge of your professional performance:
    • An administrator who is your current or former supervisor
    • A colleague
    • One reference of your own choosing
      • Telephone contact will be made with these individuals to verify your references.  
      • Your references may email or mail these forms directly to the graduate support specialist.
  4. Upload your current resume to your online graduate application.
  5. Order your official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions you have attended. If you have earned a degree at Iowa State, you do not need to order those transcripts because these will already be on file. These should be sent to:
        Office of Admissions
        100 Enrollment Services Ctr.
        Iowa State University
        Ames, IA 50011-2011 

Need More Information?

Anita Micich

Program Coordinator

Graduate Support Specialist