Primary areas of endorsement: Certain undergraduate degrees from accredited institutions qualify for licensure without the need to take additional coursework. In each case, transcripts must indicate a minimum of 24 credit hours in the licensure area, or 30 credit hours of science with at least 15 of those credits in the licensure area. Below are the acceptable majors.

For licensure in:Acceptable majors(s)
 Chemical engineering
 Materials science engineering
 Social chemistry
 Environmental science (not environmental studies)
 Forensic science
 Aerospace engineering
 Agricultural engineering
 Construction engineering
 Electrical engineering
 Engineering science
 Industrial engineering
 Materials engineering
 Mechanical engineering
Earth scienceGeology
 Earth science

Primary areas of endorsement for other majors: If your degree is in a more specialized or hybrid field, such as horticulture or animal science, we will need to review your transcripts. The state of Iowa has specific requirements for licensure, and we need to ensure your coursework is aligned with those requirements, if your major is not included on the above list. All primary areas of endorsement must have 24 credit hours in the desired content area, or 30 hours in science with 15 of those hours in that content area. When we review your transcripts, we will need to see a bachelor’s degree in a science-related field, the required credit hours in science listed above, and a minimum of the following coursework:

Essential Coursework for Licensure


  • 2 semesters general biology with lab
  • 1 semester genetics
  • 1 semester molecular or cell biology
  • 1 semester ecology
  • 1 semester evolutionary biology
  • Additional biology-related courses (300+ level) up to or exceeding the minimum required
  • 2 semesters chemistry with lab
  • 1 semester biochemistry; plus 1 additional semester chemistry or biochemistry
  • 1 semester statistics or math


  • 2 semesters general or inorganic chemistry (for majors) plus lab
  • 2 semesters organic chemistry (for majors) plus lab
  • Additional chemistry-related courses (300+ level) up to or exceeding the minimum required
  • 2 semesters physics
  • 1 semester statistics or math


  • 2 semesters intro/classical physics plus lab
  • 1 semester modern physics plus lab
  • Additional physics-related courses (300+ level) up to or exceeding the minimum required, chosen from:
    • Physics
    • Relevant courses in astronomy
    • Relevant courses in engineering
  • 1 semester biology

Earth science

  • 2 semesters geology plus lab
  • 1 semester meteorology
  • 2 semesters astronomy
  • Additional Earth science/space science courses (300+ level) up to or exceeding the minimum required
  • 2 semesters chemistry plus lab
  • 2 semesters physics
  • 1 semester biology
  • 1 semester statistics or math

Second areas of endorsement: In addition to your primary area of endorsement, you may also obtain additional endorsements, depending on your university science coursework. For example, many biology majors find that a second endorsement in chemistry is quite easy to obtain. In some situations, an individual’s coursework may already meet state requirements while in other cases a few additional courses will be needed. We advise earning multiple endorsements as this will afford you optimal flexibility when you begin looking for a teaching position. However, we do caution you to avoid endorsement in an area where you do not possess sufficient content understanding. Strong science content knowledge is necessary for effective teaching and children deserve teachers who are knowledgeable in their field.

Second Areas of Endorsement in Biological Science, Chemistry, Physics or Earth Science

Requires a primary area of endorsement plus an additional 15 semester credits minimum in the content of the second endorsement area. These specific courses must be completed to earn second endorsements:

  • Second endorsement in biology: Coursework must include –  2 semesters general biology with labs, 1 semester evolution, 1 semester genetics, and 1 semester ecology
  • Second endorsement in physics: Coursework must include – 2 semesters intro/classical physics with labs, and 1 semester modern physics with lab
  • Second endorsement in Earth science: Coursework must include – 2 semesters geology/Earth science with labs, 2 semesters astronomy, and 1 semester meteorology
  • Second endorsement in chemistry: Coursework must include – 2 semesters general chemistry with labs, 1 semester organic chemistry, 1 semester additional chemistry course

Second Areas of Endorsement in Basic Science

  • Second endorsement in basic science requirements
    • Primary endorsement in biology, chemistry, physics, or earth science
    • At least 24 credits combined in biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science
    • Minimum of 2 biology courses (6 credits), 2 chemistry courses (6 credits), 2 physics courses (6 credits), and 2 earth science courses (6 credits)

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