The M.Ed. in Education with an emphasis in Educational Technology is a 30-credit online program designed to meet the needs of classroom teachers and other PK-12 educators who want to gain comprehensive knowledge and skills to effectively design, develop, and teach with technology in online and face-to-face contexts. Classes are small and mostly formed by K-12 teachers, technology specialists, and other educational practitioners that are interested in learning more about using technology in teaching and learning. The online delivery makes it possible for working educators to pursue a graduate degree and our faculty are committed to maintaining rigorous academics and high standards for excellence Master’s program.

The program starts in the summer and the majority of the students take one 3-credit course per semester. Summer courses are intensive and last between 4 to 6 weeks.

Program delivery is mainly asynchronous. Course delivery is via a learning management system (Canvas) and students attend classes by accessing the virtual classroom at their own time. Students are required to follow the class schedule to complete assignments, participate in online discussions, and work on group projects. Instructor-student and student-student interactions are very strong in this program. Classes are mainly taught on a weekly-basis approach where assignments are given at the beginning of the week and usually due a week later.

Some courses may offer students to attend 1-2 face-to-face meetings in the semester. These are on-campus Saturday meetings, usually from 10 am – 3 pm. Students that cannot come to campus or that live outside of Iowa, can be connected via video conference. These meetings are for project presentations, group work, lectures, etc. and to give students an opportunity to come to the university campus and be directly connected with the instructor and their peers – our students value the synchronous meetings since they have a chance to better relate with their online colleagues.

EdTech Core Courses

EDUC 501: Foundations of Educational Technology
EDUC 503: Designing Effective Learning Environments
EDUC 505: Using Technology in Learning and Teaching
EDUC 507: Principles and Practices of Distance Learning
EDUC 510: Foundations of Game-Based Learning
EDUC 511: Technology Diffusion, Leadership, and Change
EDUC 512: Research Trends in Educational Technology
EDUC 515: Action Research in Education
EDUC 577: Historical Perspectives on Technology Equity: Implications for Policy and Practice
EDUC 608X: Social Media and Education