Prerequisite: Current teaching license

If a graduate student satisfactorily completes the curriculum of a minimum of 12 graduate credits from Iowa State University, s/he will be awarded a certificate in Special Education. The credits should be selected from the following:

Core Requirements 

Must complete at least 3 credit hours (1 class) at ISU

SpEd510: Foundations in Mild/Moderate Disabilities

SpEd511: Foundations of Behavioral Disorders & Learning Disabilities

SpEd515: Assessment of Children and Youth with Disabilities

SpEd 560: Classroom Management/Behavioral Support

SpEd 564: Collaborate Consultation

Methods Courses, Electives, and Field Experience 

Must complete at least 9 credit hours (3 classes at ISU)

SpEd 520: Evidence-based Practices for Mild/Moderate Disabilities

SpEd 530: Evidence-based Practices in Behavior Disorders

SpEd 540: Evidence-based Practices in Learning Disabilities

SpEd 555: Career Education & Transition for Youth with Disabilities

SpEd 570: Systems-level Services for Youth with Behavioral & Learning Disabilities

EDUC 523: Teaching Mathematics to Struggling Elementary Learners

EDUC 552: Corrective Reading

EDUC 553: Reading for Adolescents with Mild.Moderate Disabilities

EDUC 567: Teaching Mathematics to Struggling Secondary Learners

SpEd 591: Supervised Field Experience (SpEd 591G, H, and/or, K)

Note: SpEd 591 is required for any student who has not completed a supervised field experience in special education at ISU at either the undergraduate or graduate level

Full course descriptions can be found in the Iowa State University course catalog